November 23rd, 2023

Dennis Bouwman & Guests

Dennis Bouwman
at LIVE! on Elgin
With Special Guests Chris Landry & Julie Stella

Chris Landry:
Chris Landry, along with his band, is a master of crafting rootless roots music. Their sound encompasses haunting melodies, raw vocals, shimmering pedal steel, and unflinchingly honest lyrics. However, what truly sets Chris apart from other singer-songwriters is his ability to tell deeply personal stories through his music. With a unique touch, he weaves tales that resonate deeply with audiences. Chris Landry and his band create a musical experience that transcends boundaries, leaving listeners captivated by the authenticity and depth of their artistry.
Bringing a fresh and captivating sound to country music and a voice that resonates with depth and honesty, Chris weaves heartfelt narratives into his music. His songs reflect the essence of everyday life, delivering relatable stories and melodies that leave a lasting impression. Drawing inspiration from both traditional and contemporary country influences, Chris Landry's performances are filled with infectious energy and undeniable talent. With his charismatic presence and memorable songs, Chris is carving his own path in the country music scene, leaving audiences eager for more.

Dennis Bouwman:
A true blue collar songsmith, Bouwman writes and sings with a gritty honesty rarely seen these days. Be it with or without his band, Bouwman’s combination of heart-wrenching lyrics, warm melodies, and a voice like the bottom 10 pipes on a church organ is sure to captivate you and make you feel.
His latest project "SUNDOG", is a heartfelt collection of songs about falling in and out of love, leaving home, and learning how to let go.

Julie Stella:
Sad songs with simple melodies. Based in Ottawa, Acadian singer-songwriter Julie Stella (she/her) describes her music as moody, sad girl vibes. Some might describe her songs as nostalgic, while others might say they’re just depressing. Julie writes songs to dig through the complex layers of loss, grief and acceptance.
Growing up in a small town in New Brunswick, Julie was drawn to music of all genres, but a few musical acts undeniably left their mark on her. Artists like Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Chantal Kreviazuk and The Cranberries; women with strong voices who are vulnerable and who have something to express. As such, their styles obviously influenced Julie’s sound.
In November 2022, Julie released her two first songs on Bandcamp: In The Abyss and Floating By. In July 2023, she re-recorded and re-released a new version of In The Abyss.

November 23rd, 2023
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
7:00pm Doors \\ 8:00pm Show
Tickets $12.00 in Advance \\ $15 at the door.