July 17th, 2022


Futura Free, Monach, Lessons In Crime and Teenage Fiction @ LIVE! on Elgin

Monach (Pronounced Mon-ick) is a band from Kingston, Ontario challenging listeners with their dance-worthy punk and honest lyrics. Emotion, energy, highs and lows have all culminated into a performance that is best seen with your own eyes and best enjoyed with your own ears.

Futura Free:
Futura Free is an indie pop project based in Kingston, ON. Combining the catchy hooks of indie rock with the spacey ambience of dream pop, there's a lot to like here, maybe even a few things to love.

Lessons In Crime:
Liam Schwisberg and Paolo Pace are two friends who met in college and then decided to start a band when Liam asked Paolo to record some drums for a song he was working on, and then Paolo was like, “yo wait, this is good, we should start a band!” So they took like a year to settle on the name Lessons in Crime, played a bunch of shows around Ottawa, and then over a period of two years, they poured a mixture of their hearts AND their souls into twelve songs that they recorded, mixed, and produced in Paolo’s basement studio, and have now released as their debut album, “The Answer Doesn’t Exist.”

Teenage Fiction:
Dream-punk two-piece; harmonies for days. Most likely humans.

July 17th, 2022
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
7pm Doors \\ 7:30pm Show
Ticket $10 Advanced \\ $10 at the door