June 30th, 2023

A Canada Day's Eve Prog Party

A Canada Day's Eve Prog Party at LIVE! on Elgin

w/ Finely Tuned Elephant, Skybound, and John Hubcap

Finely Tuned Elephant:
Founded in Ottawa, Ontario in 2019, Finely Tuned Elephant is a Canadian instrumental jazz and rock fusion experience. Finely Tuned Elephant pulls inspiration from a diverse spectrum, folding together influences from world music, contemporary jazz, and progressive metal - to name only a few. Consequently, Finely Tuned Elephant is an explosive auditory adventure, known for technical yet catchy compositions and electrifying live performances. Their second full length self-produced album and finest work to date,"The Fast Life", was released on March 4th, 2022. Finely Tuned Elephant is Jordan Robinson (guitars), Cyrus Robertson Orkish (bass), and Kyle Iveglia (drums).

Founded in 2017, Skybound is a emotionally driven progressive band from Ottawa, Ontario. But mostly it’s a group of friends who love all forms of rock and metal from Genesis to Mars Volta to Haken. Cranking out two LPs and one EP, they sit calmly between rock and metal, and mix it with various other sounds and styles to create a sound that is distinctly them. Their newest album, Cerebral Fountain is available worldwide via Helix Audio.

John Hubcap:
There is said to be an elusive entity, an actual legend called John Hubcap who has summoned these boys into creating a band and the music that leads them on an incredible journey of somehow always searching for this mystery man, but they are always one step away from capturing him.
The four men set out on this quest are Travis Arnold, vocalist and guitarist, Gordon Latham, bassist, Michael Oates, guitarist and Vincent Porier, drummer. These musicians have been given the task of using their musical gifts and talents to create a sound that breaks the mould and make waves in the rock scene, in the hopes that the mystery man will reveal himself.

June 30th
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
8:00pm Doors \\ 8:30pm Show
Tickets $15 Advance \\ $20 at the door.