May 7th, 2023

Fundraiser for Stany

Fundraiser for Stany at LIVE! on Elgin
Feat. Kezi, Gonzo VanGogh, Rèn Darah, & Zack Dous

We are thrilled to welcome singer-songwriter Kezi into the world! Join us this May 7th, 2023 at 7pm for a cozy live show featuring exceptional artists: Gonzo VanGogh, Rèn Darah, Zack Dous, catering by Nonto’s Kitchen and Babera’s Crêpes.

The event will feature an intimate concert with some of the best up-and-coming artists in the area. It is our hope that this event will bring the community together to celebrate great music and great food to help those in need. All proceeds will be donated to Stany's cancer treatments funds. We invite you to join us for an evening of fun, music, food and giving back!

Donation page here :

May 7th
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
6:30pm Doors \\ 7:000pm Show
Tickets $30