September 13th, 2019

Joe McLeod & Love Wagon

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Joe McLeod & Love Wagon, with special guest Oakridge Ave.

Love Wagon:
When Love Wagon hits the stage and starts to rev the engine, it's hard to know where we're all going to end up when everything's been said and done. The music itself pulls from genre's such as Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues and Afrobeat; but the shows are usually about more than just the music. With the use of theatre, comedy and improvisation, the performances pull from elements not usually seen from most local bands. The crowd and musicians become connected and the night feels almost ritualistic. Everyone gathers around the camp-fire and dances till the fire turns to ash.

Joe McLeod:
Joe McLeod is a down to earth, approachable singer-songwriter who blends the lines of Indie Folk and Pop in his lyrically diverse writing which brings a refreshing sense of storytelling and youth. The combination of catchy hooks and poetic lyrics both acoustically and with his full band allow his powerfully emotive vocals to soar.

Oakridge Ave.:
Kington’s best new music export; Oakridge Ave. cut their teeth among the Limestone City’s many well-respected live venues over the last 3 years and have cultivated a unique and memorable style. Thoughtful songwriting and lyrics are bolstered by a tight, strong rhythm section and soaring melodies. The trio has honed their sound through the recording of a full-length album, "10" (July 2017) and EP "Lost & Out of Place" (June 2018), which provides a dynamic and catchy revamp of the down-to-earth Oakridge Ave. sound that so many concert-goers have grown to love.

September 13th
220 Elgin St. 2nd Floor
Doors at 7:00 | show at 8:00pm
$7 Tickets | $10 at the Door