February 8th, 2023

Jon Cohen Experimental

Jon Cohen Experimental at LIVE! on Elgin

Fantasy prom king, master crafter of cult-pop gems and multi-threat instrumentalist Jon Cohen Experimental is a Montreal troubadour who creates sweet but potent stories that spring from a natural, and infectious sense of curiosity. This dynamic one-man band's beguiling art rock on-the-spot inventions and melodic hooks promise a sultry escape from those pesky workaday hang-ups. At times folksy, indie and at tiimes grungy, the E.L.O vs. 90’s vibe is raw and unapologetic.
Website: www.joncohenex.com
Bandcamp: https://thejoncohenexperimental.bandcamp.com/

TED CARTY (Ottawa):
Ted Carty is a dad from Ottawa. He sings songs he writes and records with his friends Connor Fleming and Neil Meneses. They call their little group Cold City Kings. Most of these tracks are Ted's demos, recorded live of the floor, right to his phone. They don't sound too bad for someone who has no idea what he is doing.

ALEX DIAB (Ottawa):
Bedroom popstar and ottawa lumineer Alex Diab has been honing his craft and putting out consistent pop gems. His new set of compositions, titled "Mixed Feelings" drops June 10th and contains instant classics such as Teenage Dirtbag and Good days. Coming out of the shadows, Alex Diab, is a twenty year old singer who is finally going to see the light with his fun and catchy pop songs.
Website: https://www.alexdiabmusic.com/

February 8th, 2023
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
7:00pm Doors \\ 8:00pm Show
Tickets $10.00