April 24th, 2020

Paper Tigers, Blink 88, and more at LIVE on Elgin

Beyond The Pit decided to throw a banger of a cover band night, because some of you wonderful humans actually took it upon yourselves to actually form a Thrice cover band like i had requested as a spoof lol. Nothing but love to everyone involved in this show, Get ready to have your mind blown by the talent this city has to offer!

Line up:

COVER OF A BAND (System Of A Down cover band):
Feat members of T-Rex Marathon, The Aphelion and Nessie

PAPER TIGERS (Thrice cover band):
Feat members of Another Victim, Cast In Cadencee, The Dead Centuries, Fools of Love, Walls of Troy

PANFUCKINGTERA (Pantera cover band):
Feat members of Salem Trialss, Ghostblade and Another Victim

BLINK 88 (blink-182 cover band):
Feat Mattie Landrigan and members of Space Coyotee and Fools of Love

April 24th
220 Elgin St. 2nd Floor
Doors at 7:00pm | Show at 8:00pm
$10 Adv. available at https://www.facebook.com/events/445477193016261/

At Beyond the Pit shows, we're all about having the best of times, making everyone and anyone feel welcome to come to one of our shows. We are a big music family here in Ottawa and we should all show respect for one another.
That being said, we will have 0 tolerance for, sexual harassment, fighting, homophobia, transphobia and racism of any kind. Anyone caught displaying such behavior, will be removed by security and you will not be refunded for your ticket. This also goes for any bands that play our shows, if that behavior is displayed you will no longer be playing and you will have to leave, unpaid. You will also be black listed from any of our future shows.
All we want is for people too have a safe positive experience at our shows. Mosh pits and smiles! So come out, dont be a dick, and have all the fun you want!