July 2nd, 2023

Townes w/ Juventud & Stoby

Townes w/ Juventud & Stoby at LIVE! on Elgin

If you sat down next to Matt Radich at a bar, you may be surprised to find out he is one of Nicolas Cage’s only genuine fans, a cynic with a dry wit, and also a recording artist under the name of Townes. If asked to describe his music, he might laugh and say “it’s just bad”, but that would be unsurprising as one could find a lot more self-deprecating humour within his music. Townes engages his audiences with the might of a four-piece band, incorporating set pieces and manually programmed lights, despite being a solo act. Radich's upcoming project, "Ghostwriters", is a short film composed of several music videos which tell one story.

Juventud is an indie band from Ottawa, ON. Their music blends the dreamy ambience of lo-fi bedroom pop with the crashing waves of surf rock. The band members all hail from different parts of the world which has created a distinctive background of styles and cultures that are seeped into their sound and live performances. It’s music for degenerates and dirtbags.

stoby is the female-fronted bilingual culmination of members from across ontario and quebec. formed in stoby have been bringing their fun energetic performances to venues ottawa montreal for past years including opening strumbellas at dragon boat festival. playing alternative fuzz-pop with sparkly hooks drum-fills that fill heart joy released third ep cement

July 2nd
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
7:30pm Doors \\ 8:30pm Show
Tickets $10 Advance \\ $12 at the door.