May 31st, 2019


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Veinduze is a 4-piece hard rock/metal group from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The core members, Philippe Racette and Kody Pelletier, have been writing and experimenting with different songs and sounds for nearly a decade allowing them to develop a taste in multiple different genres. With the addition of Power-House Joe Kantymir on drums and the energetic antics of Gavin Wilson on bass guitar, the group finally feels as they are a complete and solid unit for the first time.

We are what Aerosmith sounds like when they go through a Beach Boys phase. What a modern Zeppelin sounds like when paired with Bon Iver at their most tender… and their rawest. What Black Sabbath sounds like after hanging out with the Beatles. We’re four musicians who have, till this point in time, committed ourselves to the trials and tribulations of sonic excellence. We’re an up and coming band who don’t exactly hold genres in the highest regard. Or manners, for that matter. Risen forth from the Greater Toronto Area, we all went into this project thinking the same thing: if we can’t make good music, it’s time to quit. This is our story.

Apollo Has Fallen

May 31st
220 Elgin St. 2nd Floor
Doors at 8:00 | show at 9:00pm
$7 Tickets | $10 Door