September 29th, 2019

Wax Mannequin

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LIVE! on Elgin welcomes Wax Mannequin, with Hush Hush Noise, & Danger Grove!

Wax Mannequin:
Wax Mannequin has honed his weird, folk-punk anthems over years of travel and tribulation. His songs are dark and thoughtful at times, pounding and ridiculous at others…or all of these things at once.

Hush Hush Noise:
Hush Hush Noise is an experimental pop duo from Victoria BC featuring multi instrumentalists/vocalists Lily Fawn and Eric Hogg. Their intricate arrangements combine organic sounds with electronics to create memorable songs that range from hypnotic lullabies to nightmarish psychedelia. “An ever-changing creation of sound that wavers between the pit of your worst fears and the euphoria of love at its peak. Sweet melodies, lush harmonies, shimmering guitars, big beats, chaos and beauty.

Danger Grove:
One day in the Enchanted Wood, in a dark and humid grove, there was a stirring and a little animal called Liz brought a remix she had made to a large, cynical, tenuously notorious animal called rap legend Jesse Dangerously. rap legend Jesse Dangerously roared its appreciation - that tastes pretty good! Is there more! - and Liz said yes I have got more. I'll make more. There is more.

September 29th
220 Elgin St. 2nd Floor
Doors at 8:00pm | show at 9:30pm
$13 Advance (tax & fees included) | $15 at the door