July 21st, 2023

David James Allen

David James Allen at LIVE! on Elgin

David James Allen:
When David James Allen was in his early-twenties, he came up with the idea to name analbumThe Architect. He wrote its title track which,inspired by his struggle with impostersyndrome, questions if there’s an outside power in control of his life. But then Allen shelvedthe song and the album idea. He went on to release material with the now defunct rock bandStonetrotter and two albums under his own name: 2017’sWhen The Demons Comeand2020’sRadiations. For the latter release, awashedin psychedelic tones, Allen wrote,recorded, created the artwork for, promoted, and released one track a month for ten monthsduring a global pandemic.Nearly ten years later, Allen found his way back toThe Architect(out November via GarmentDistrict Records). Across the album, Allen tells almost a decade’s worth of stories that touchon politics, love, making music, and the journey Allen took to take control of his life. On“Please Let Me In,” Allen sings about a character who finds love and understanding in spiteof his flaws and on “Unsatisfied,” Allen grabs hold of his own joy: “I’m on the mend/I’mbuilding up my self-esteem,” he sings. Even when Allen, inspired by long days on tour, singson “Bound To The Game” about being ground down by capitalism, it serves as a reminderthat you are not struggling alone. “Putting the songs all together now,” Allen says aboutTheArchitect, “I felt acceptance and love.”

July 21st, 2023
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
7:30pm Doors \\ 8:00pm Show
Tickets $15.00 in Advance \\ $20 at the door.